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We train and hire Yoga Trainers, from every corner of the world!

We train and hire Yoga Trainers,
from every corner of the world!

1. Harmony Yoga courses - Yoga of Harmony, level I - 5 months - 300 € - payment is done in instalments, 60 €/month.
2. Teacher Training Yoga Course, internationality accredited- 2 months - $300 payment upfront.

Courses are held online, through Skype- 2 h/week, 8h/month! Certificates are issued separately, at the end of each course. Twice per year, we shall organise retreats of direct Yoga practice. We are happy to hold workshops in the countries where a group of trainers is formed.
We have already started to form an international network of Yoga Trainers, who will study and teach both traditional Yoga and modern one. The purpose of this network is to create a lively and efficient Yoga. Everybody who embraces these principles are welcome to join us!
The graduates will benefit from the support and consultation after the graduation date (for at least a year or more)!
After graduation, the Yoga trainers will be able to teach Yoga, according to how much time each of them will invest in perfecting and teaching workshops and Yoga courses.
We shall learn and use Techniques of: Hatha Yoga, Agni Yoga Kriya Yoga, Atma Yoga, Flow Chakra Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vinayasa Yoga, Yantra Yoga, Laya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Raja Yoga, Swara Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Arhatic Yoga, Zen Yoga, Yoga Partner and Acro Yoga will be studied and practiced.
The goal of this Harmony Yoga, level 1 course is to teach you to be able to understand and practice Yoga up to an intermediate towards advanced level; to be able to teach others consequently, as you gather more experience and knowledge concerning the practice of your Own Personalized Yoga Programme (the people who subscribe to this course will be granted a tailor made assistance in order to practice a type of Yoga that suits them and helps them precisely.) We shall provide PDF and Video format Yoga courses, an online base of a few thousand Yoga books and an experience in Yoga practice that spans over 25 years. All this is happening within an international, Yoga community, open to new horizons and to a practical self analysis that follows the principles of a Freedom concept through Yoga, but also of a Liberation of Yoga from the chains of dogma, religion or any other deviation!
Harmony Yoga guidelines consider that Yoga techniques should not be paid and sold, that the authors need to be quoted and the royalties should be respected and only the time and effort of the Yoga trainer should be remunerated - and using a convenient price for everybody! On the same note, Harmony Yoga does not operate with gurus and other elements from the Hindu religion, and Harmony Yoga trainers will teach it as a Science of Life, as a sport for health, abiding the laws, the common sense rules and the inner rules of our NGO as well as irreproachable rules of ethical behaviour and morality.
Following these principles, we reserve the right to select our clients through a phone conversation or after a video or Skype session! We already have Yoga trainers enrolled in our programme in more than 10 cities from Romania, the USA, Germany, Spain, the UK and Italy. The people who practise Yoga at an advanced level can benefit from Level II and III Harmony Yoga course, these levels will help the future trainers to deepen and control better the Petals of Chakras’ Yoga. The curriculum and the structure of the Course will be sent to those who had been selected and the schedule for the weekly sessions will be discussed individually and mutually (between the trainer and the student).
About Harmony Yoga founder: My name is Emanuel Lucian Enache, I am 43 years old and I live in Alba Iulia, Romania. I have been practising Yoga since I was 16 and I am the founder of Harmony Yoga (which I have structured in the last 10 years). I love life, health, harmony and nature! I have been practising Yoga almost every day, in the last 25 years of my life, with great pleasure. In the past 18 years I have practised Yoga on a deeper level, alongside my wife. I have learnt through personal, direct experience and daily individual research mainly, I have been self taught and questioned dogma and direct practice all the time. I have met many beautiful people throughout the years and I have learnt valuable things from them. We are about to develop and grow a free, open, international Yoga community where shared experience is a constant joy of rediscovering life and the human being through Yoga.
I have been part of many yoga courses and schools, each with their pluses and minuses and I felt I had to offer further from my experience and to define and develop Harmony Yoga- Yoga of Harmony! A type of Yoga that is practised in a personalized way, especially adapted to the needs, abilities and each person’s rhythm. Bearing this in mind, I consider that Harmony Yoga is ensuring a transition to a new, superior phase compared to everything that is practised nowadays. In the ordinary and routine Yoga classes, basic and mass techniques are being taught- yoga class masses. Although there are some clear benefits of these techniques (better than nothing), unfortunately one will not acquire and reach his/her full potential not even in 10 years, after the starting point of practise. Working one to one, or in a personalized manner opens a new path for the person who practises yoga, than sporadically, in group yoga classes!
Throughout the years, I have obtained various diplomas, qualifications in different Yoga courses in the UK, and in 2016, the Yoga teacher Diploma from the USA. I am about to complete other Yoga courses and obtain other diplomas. I do believe that these are only necessary diplomas in order to practice and teach Yoga legally and which do not substitute the personal experience! In the last 5 years I have taught group Yoga classes and one on one Yoga classes and since 2016 I have started to teach Yoga online, in English, to people from over 5 countries. I have noticed that more and more people are interested in Harmony Yoga and I am certain that this number will increase once I finalize my Yoga courses on Udemy platform and on the You Tube channel. I am going to develop and explain all these concepts and ideas in detail through my courses, through the book that I am currently writing: ‘Harmony Yoga - Rebirth of yoga’ and through the film documentary:’ ’’The New Yoga Roots – Babaji Guided’’ (both are going to be released this year).
Bonuses: Detox, tailor made regeneration techniques, visualization techniques- vision quest and Personalized Individual Visualization (P.I.V.) and a gift book, together with building a Vision Board and a personal Yoga programme, 3D film for chakra balancing & many more!
Freedom Yoga Sharing! Caring is sharing and sharing is freedom and open source! Let’s start together Linux Yoga Planet, International Yoga country, and living WikiYogapedia) Freedom planet by Freedom Yoga! A new age of bodhisattvas begins!

Details and info: +40 0724828949, Emanuel Trainer Yoga.
Skype: Trainer Yoga Emy Emanuel.
Fb: Emanuel Enache - Harmony Yoga Founder,
Fb group: ۞ Freedom & Harmony Yoga   ۞
Instagram: Emy Trainer Yoga

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How Every Man on This Planet is Practicing Yoga Daily (I)

How Every Man on This Planet is Practicing Yoga Daily (I)
         Yes, that's what I intend to prove to you! Whether or not you have heard about Yoga, or whether you practice it or not, you, every one of us, all the people on this planet, is practicing, daily, Yoga. Moreover, at very advanced level! Unfortunately, most people do this Yoga practice unconsciously, especially when sleeping! Yes, when we sleep! This is an obvious!
         We all know that we can live without food for about 40 days, without water for a few days, without breath for a few minutes, and without sleep, after a few days we begin to hallucinate... Practically from water and food we take the nutrients needed to maintain the life of the physical body, and breathing brings us from the outside, the prana and the oxygen necessary for the maintenance of the physical body. What do we get through sleep from inside of us?! Through sleep, we return our own selves, daily, to the source of life that is Divinity! You want it or not, every one of us does it! Through sleep, the masks of our personality fall, one by one, and we revisit for a few seconds or minutes, depending on our level of spiritual evolution, at the source of our life, the Divine Self, the heart of God! 
     In those minutes we live the last state of Yoga, the state of Samadhi, of ecstatic fusion with God daily! This ecstasy is so total and powerful that it loads us, resets us, gives us energy and enthusiasm for a new day! That is why we all like sleep so much. That is why in the morning we wake up with the smile on our lips, reconciled with ourselves, quiet, calm, full of harmony and goodwill! 
    In the meantime, we are looking for this exaltation, this communion with the Divine Assiduous and during the day, through the amorous ecstasy, lived as animal sex or beatific love! That is why we're all looking for and yearn for Eros so much, especially when it lasts, with many orgasms through which we live ecstasy, after ecstasy, the very communion with the intensity of divine life in us! We still touch it somewhat when we are happy, when we have a desire, an intense aspiration! But all of this is mediated by our level of conscious spirituality of the ego! That's why everybody touches him as much as he or she knows and  can... 
      While sleeping, our consciousness, our personality and our mind is gradually absorbed by the consciousness of the Supramental and the Divine Self in each of us! It is true that every man dreams, but not all of his sleep. Dreaming at the beginning and end of the sleeping period. Normally, between 2 am and 4 am each of us descended at a time, so deep within us, we meditated so intensely that we touch those where theta, delta, gamma can be measured scientifically and we live that state of samadhi, of communion with the Divine! 
        At the beginning of sleep we begin by preparing ourselves for sleep - we turn off the light in the sleeping room - everyone knows that you can not sleep deeply and restlessly if there is a light source in the room and we cannot release certain hormones like melatonin e.g. Then we lie in bed, cover our body with blankets, do not be cold overnight, put our heads on the pillow or under the pillow and even if we still sleep with someone else in bed, we are conveniently looking for our favorite position where we fall asleep most well - this is really a certain posture, so we do the stage of Hatha Yoga! Breathing begins to become easier, the inspiration begins to become shorter, and expiration longer - this is the stage of Pranayama. (Here, a simple exercise for those who want to sleep quickly is to focus on exhaling and in a few minutes to fall asleep). 
       We continue the process of withdrawing attention from the outside environment towards our innermost, especially towards the region of the head and the heart. This is the stage of the withdrawal of the senses - called Yoga - Pratyahara. Simultaneously, we close our eyes, and, if we are careful, the eyeballs go spontaneously and remain so towards the center of the forehead or towards the direction of the fountain - as if it were overhead, only here it is oriented in a slightly convergent strabismus to the last two higher energy centers of the being - Ajna and Sahashrara chakra - the process of resorption of individual consciousness into supramental consciousness is accentuated - this is the Dharana stage - of concentration on the state without thoughts, on the present state of pure being. Already our consciousness has now descended to the heart and we have already entered our sleep. 
        If we are curious, we can try during the day to turn our eyes crossed to the middle of the forehead and we will see that after a few tens of seconds this inner gesture gets us tired and we give it up quickly. But this gesture, this unconscious mudra we also do when we live the orgasm, and our native energy and instinct urge us to enjoy the ecstasy by pointing the eyeballs upwards, from where it comes to life. It is important to remember that man is manifested in the act of creation from the top down, from Sahasrara to Muladhara, from the purest light to matter, from the causative world to the physical world! Here is our salvation as well:) 
       Then we begin the Dhyana level periplus, we start a meditation of over two hours, in which we start out the events of the day, the subconscious opens and in the dream world operates in its archetypal language of symbols. Gradually, the consciousness of the ego is melted, fascinated and expanded into the consciousness of the soul, of the heart, which, in this phase, is united with the consciousness of superhero, supramental. Relaxation and meditation become so profound that we open up and gradually abandon ourselves to the Divine Self from within us and we unite with our divine essence for a few minutes and live the state of Samadhi! 
         During this time, involuntary reflexes relax in the body, organ functions slow down, stomach digestion slows down, and the subconscious turns the body from time to time on one side or the other, so that the stagnant energies are balanced by breathing and breathing prana, so the vayuses, the subtle breaths to the chakras - we alternate an hour and a half, 90 minutes on a nostril, on a polarity of the being, on a cerebral hemisphere - so that our chakras balance as well, that all the energies of our being return to the upward, to the Divine Self, and are blown up and balanced by the fusion and the gigantic energy we receive from God for a new day, so that in the morning we wake up to that unmistakable state of well, self-confidence, love for life. (An eloquent example is if we suddenly wake up any person who sleeps right at these intervals of the night and ask him what he calls - first of all he would be scared to take him out of a dear place and I suddenly bring him into this physical world and he should take a few moments to remember his name. But first he would have the feeling he is and then he would say he's x or y name). 
       Then, because we do not have the necessary awakening level of our spiritual consciousness, we begin to detach from the state of Samadhi and go through the stages in the opposite direction, the ego regaining its symbols, images, purposes, masks, etc. And all these new stages are instinctively accomplished from birth to the end of our lives, daily, without effort, without our ego staging or controlling them, we know natively how to move from one stage to another without any explanation, technique or guidance. 
       Through Yoga, we can learn to make these steps consciously. We can go through these stages in a conscious manner. It is known that the great Himalayan yogi masters never sleep, but only meditate overnight. But this process takes years and is based on the techniques of Hatha yoga and Pranayama that have been personally and perseveringly performed for the rhythm of each and every one of us, they awaken our subtle chakras, gaining an increased inner energy through the control of Pranamaya Kosha - al our body of bioenergy, which then sustains the expansion of our consciousness and the awakening and use of the other subtle bodies of our being, Vijnanamaya kosha and Anandamaya kosha, the bodies of the supramental and of the body of light in the astral and causal world. 
          Then, we will increasingly stabilize the level of consciousness in these subtle bodies that will pour immense effusions of beatitude and energy into our physical body! From this level you can understand the karma and the dharma of the world, the ego and future of humanity, you can become a spiritual master, a healer, a clairvoyant, a road opener or new spiritual currents. You are on the path that transforms a Bodhisattva into a Bodhidharma, an avadutha in an avatar, a man in an archetypal androgynous. 
         So, here is how every man on this earth is doing Yoga daily and on a very advanced level, because we are all the creation of the Divine, in a world created by the Divine! Each of us has the seven chakras, each one of us breathes, we live our own sexuality, our own purpose, our own karma and dharma on this earth, in this life that is given to us by the Creator in His immense Love! I will continue to demonstrate in the following articles how each person practices Yoga through breathing, sexuality, concentration, etc. daily, more or less consciously, but in a very natural, spontaneous, unique and profound way. And before any other Yoga, each man and woman practices Harmony Yoga, Yoga of Harmony - every day we try to achieve a balance and harmony between our own being in relation to the harmony of life, the other fellow, and the universe, in a direct relationship with our Divine Creator.
Trainer Yoga, Emanuel!
Harmony Yoga Founder

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            It is common knowledge that YOGA is a millenary system, which impacts on our health and quality of life daily, in a positive manner. It is also a fact that yoga can be studied and practised on different levels. Nowadays, first and foremost yoga is more sought after and accepted due to its profound beneficial and multiple effects on our health. It is a trend now to go to the gym for fitness exercises or body building, therefore it is also a trend to practise yoga in a gym. It is better this way than nothing at all:) But, as it can definitely and easily be noticed, in fitness or body building or in following a diet and in personal development, etc., everything is designed to follow a tailor made course, adapted to the built, age, gender, mentality, etc. of each practitioner.  
            Consequently, it is common sense and it is desirable to: 
            1. realize what one is; 
            2. know what one wants; 
            3. see what one can and what one can apply and 
            4. know what one needs from life, their organism and their practise at the gym.  

            In other words, it does not suffice to do only push ups or run on the tread mill (banda rulanta) or eat only red fruit or practise some fitness or body building programmes or diets. The majority of these programmes are general recommendations and very few are personalized, adapted to what one really is - based on the 4 aspects mentioned above. Elaborating this example, it is known that both in fitness or body building, certain exercises from the whole range have to be tested gradually; one needs to determine which ones he/she enjoys and which help. After a while, assimilating and getting used to them, a new programme is tackled, then a new rhythm and at a different pace, etc. Every month, every semester, every year, these programmes change, develop towards the client's goal. The same principle applies: to the diet  out of all fruit, vegetables and other foods, one only prefers certain things to eat, at times; it is a natural thing. 
            Every person consumes and assimilates them in a personal way and at their own pace. 
            In order to reach optimal and personalized results, personal dietitians, trainers and yoga trainers have emerged. They have always existed, but in recent years, the world became more aware of the major, powerful effects of having a consultant, an external support, specialized for the client, for his issue and goals. These experts have dedicated more time than a normal person to studying these disciplines; through knowledge but more importantly through their direct experience and self discovery they have managed to assimilate both an amount and a quality of information that one can access swifter and easier in a more motivating and exciting way. 


            This is the natural question and at the same time one of the major paths that the current Yoga is heading towards. Humanity is witnessing YIN YOGA or RESTORATIVE YOGA designed for those who are exhausted or stressed. Or there is yoga for pregnant women, prenatal Yoga. There are also Yoga for children, for men or women, for sedentary individuals, or for sportsmen, yoga for different conditions or illnesses. Going deeper on this path is obvious and natural. 
            And besides the fact that it is trendy, there is also a rising tendency that reflects a great demand of the ones who practise it, even for beginners. Many people feel that the mere physical exercises are not enough and they do not cover all the challenges and energies of life. There are people who practise yoga at the gym and when they practise it at home, they try as much as they know and can personalize their yoga practise according to what they want and like from yoga. Actually, to be assisted personally in Yoga does not constitute a novelty  it has been done for thousand of years, and with the best of results. Therefore a Tailor made Yoga and a generalized Yoga, a Yoga for the crowds have co-existed throughout history and each person can choose freely which path to follow.  


            It is similar to seeing a nutritionist, a personal coach, a psychologist or even a physician; they consult one as a whole and recommend a set of exercises, a diet, a personal development programme or a prescription according to their situation or what they want to achieve. One practises for a while, follows those prescriptions or treatments and afterwards they notice how things evolve and how they get sorted on that level. The same process occurs in Tailor Made Yoga. 
            Everything matters: ones age, every decade, if one ranges from 30 to 40, if one is a man or a woman, a child, a teenager; if one has practised yoga before, the reason for which yoga is practised, how long one can allocate to it, when and what it is practised: Hatha yoga or meditations, in the morning or in the evening, in the week end, etc. It matters how the yoga session starts, how it is continued and how it is ended, etc.
            In other words it is very important to understand what one wants to obtain through yoga, from ones organism, from ones self, from the universe, etc. It is equally important to know how to do it, when and how much, and why one does all this.           
            It is also important to apply what one really enjoys and/or what one mostly needs to attain- an immediate state of inner balance and harmony. A person is the sum of what one is, needs, a sum of their potential and their mission or in other words whatever one knows, wants and can do. 
            A personal yoga trainer can assist one in gradually practising and understanding what one practises and what one needs in order to obtain a state of harmony and balance and what one intends to attain through yoga. 
            It is important to start feeling the 5 fundamental energies of the human being, equivalent to the first 5 energetic chakras. Is it necessary to start feeling what chakras are open from birth or what chakras have closed or have been neglected over time? What are these personal pluses or blockages and what techniques to apply for them? And then, to notice in time how one feels after they practise, what techniques and new levels one can achieve from week to week, from month to month! And then, why not, not to need- maybe only seldom or at all this external support and to learn the path of deepening their own unique harmony in this universe. This is how the process of evolution should look like, in a nutshell. 
            But if one analyses every chakra, one will notice that over the years, humans have developed certain conceptions, habits or even vices that have upset the harmony regarding functioning and assimilating energies (specific to that chakra) from the universe towards the organism; afterwards, the balance of other chakras was interfered with. A very good example would be the imbalance that the wrong position of the spine can generate to the organs, through certain illnesses. If one chakra does not function well, it shows that the humans only absorb very little of the subtle energies of the macro-cosmic life, from the universe. In order to restore this balance, one needs to apply a dedicated, punctual and objective programme, adapted to the specific issue or that level.  A holistic approach is also necessary. In other words, if one has done something wrong to their organism, one cannot expect to fix it in a week. At the same time, for those who do not suffer any physical illnesses, they can obtain results and psychic abilities through yoga, which are far superior to their innate gifts!
            Therefore, a tailor made yoga is literally practised when one starts to feel and control the energy of the chakras, of the basic elements in the organism: from the earthly energy  vitality, to the water energy- the erotic one, to the fire one- of the digestive fire, to the air one- of love, to the void one- of the refinement and to the consciousness energy from the individual level and then macro cosmic one, belonging to the last 2 force centres; these energies are modulated in the 5 subtle bodies, through the 3 general tendencies of the matter, the Gunas. This would be a good start. Feeling these energies, one will learn to differentiate, to absorb, to accumulate, alchemize and control far bigger and more profound energies in the organism, in the being and consciousness. These energies will maintain one (as long as possible and on different levels) in states of depth, intensity and spiritual illumination, in states of health, harmony, ecstasy, bliss and happiness; this way, the highest energies and principles from the universe  harmony, beauty, truth, sacredness will pass through ones being and life


            It is preferable for each individual who practises Yoga to acquire and develop in time a tailor made Yoga, as each person has an intimate, unique, personal path in life and of spiritual evolution. It is obviously known that even the ultimate enlightenment does not occur in a group, but individually, directly between one person and God, without any go between. Even if up to that point one can have friends to practise with and learn Yoga together, from time to time- whatever ones practises on his own, his personal Yoga matters and brings forth the best results. It is even forbidden to share ones experience and practise of Yoga with people who do not share ones profound levels of friendship, communication, intimacy, admiration and mutual respect! 
            Then, it is essential to structure the Yoga practise from at least three points of view, that would answer these 3 questions:
            1. How much can I evolve, on all levels of my being, compared to everything that I am and what I came with in this life time, from my potential, and how much can I reach it- what percentage?
        2. What do I do daily for my physical bodys health  and not only- so that with the passing of each day, year I can maintain or improve my health- and consequently the length and the quality of my life, from now up to the end?
            3. How much health, long life, harmony, freedom and happiness can I obtain, here and now and from this point forward, through the Yoga practise, on my path towards perfection, towards God?
            In tailor made Yoga, one gradually receives some postures, adapted to ones structure,   the most useful ones to give one energy, balance, harmonize themselves. Every posture that is practised is analysed before and after execution, together with the personal yoga trainer; every state and energy, blockage or openness that is experienced or occurred as a result of the practise is analysed. When a barrier is reached, the angle is changed and a new approach is proposed, then both trainer and client come back, other solutions are found until things are solved. More successive and personalized Yoga programmes will be practised, so that each client can understand why that step is taken, and how the energy flows, and so the client can continue on his own in the future, as well.  
            It goes without saying that a holistic approach has to be exercised, first and foremost through Yoga techniques but if necessary, through purifying, detox or dietary yogi techniques, mental or bio-energetic ones, of visualisation or of self development. 
            Harmony Yoga teaches one that a balance has to be reached, a harmony on a certain level or concerning one issue, then another level of balance has to be reached, and gradually so on and so forth, to be able to take the next step, in a balanced and efficient way. These short states of harmony and balance will multiply, will amplify and will solve other issues, indirectly. After each session the client has to feel better, more harmonious, more balanced, more energised, and more spiritual! This is the most important thing for me, and throughout the years, the satisfactions and the results were beyond any expectations! And this is because any person can benefit from Yoga, and because every person practises Yoga techniques unconsciously! I can prove this to anyone! 

Can a Tailor made Yoga be practised online? 

            It is desirable to be practised directly, but an online, video/ audio Skype session can be used, at least a part of the session, and from time to time a face to face practice is necessary. But, due to the fact that sometimes, the distance and time constitute a real issue for many people, this method becomes more and more common, and the huge advantages surpass the few shortcomings. And here, I can add that a Yoga session can be arranged at the best, convenient time for the client. And if something unexpected occurs, it is possible to cancel it 5 minutes before the starting time, and to reschedule for a later date. And last but not least, I believe it is important that every person can choose a certain time frame, as long as he feels to continue and can take a break or stop as he wishes!
            It is important to have a preliminary phone conversation for the first time, before scheduling an appointment, to talk around 20 minutes in order to get to know each other, to find out what the issues are, what the goals are, and to realize if I can assist or not. There were very few cases when I chose my clients and I declined others. In most cases, the clients were content, they returned and recommended me to their friends. This is the best and the most efficient advertising. 
            The tailor made yoga called Harmony Yoga that I teach includes and uses parts and techniques from all the other types of Yoga: Hatha yoga, Agni Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Atma Yoga, Flow Chakra Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vinayasa Yoga, Yantra Yoga, Laya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Raja Yoga, Swara Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Zen Yoga, Yoga Partner and Acro Yoga. 

The optimal clauses would be: 
- It is important to close the circle or in other words to continue the spiral of evolution for one s being, and to take, use these huge energies, awoken through Yoga practise, in order to ones rejuvenation and expansion, of ones gifts and abilities, in order to fulfil the spiritual mission in this lifetime! One cannot have one without the other!
- It is important to check ones level of health all the time, and the level of inner harmony achieved, both as a client, on his own, and indirectly, through friends, family, other more evolved practitioners, etc. This should reflect in ones harmonious and efficient way of involvement, socially, family wise, financially, not just spiritually.
- It is important to understand that as above, so below, and the other way around, and the more one evolves spiritually, the more one can influence the others more beneficially and more profoundly; and humbleness, ones inner strength, the state of love, devotion and compassion increase accordingly!
- It is important to notice how ones spiritual prosperity does not exclude but generates even and attracts the material prosperity- both of them have a climax, charity and generosity, both material and spiritual.
- And last but not least, through direct practise, one has to check all the time, his state of freedom and discernment, of verticality and morality, the Yoga information and techniques received; to have as many independent sources and opinions on a topic as possible, not to trust everything, to have people with whom to discuss certain Yoga info, to be able to check them, both in the national and international Yoga environment, either online or directly.
- It is important to share freely with others who are seeking, the experience and the info about Yoga, to quote the sources and the authors who have inspired one; and if one wished to teach Yoga as well, it is natural that only ones time and effort should be remunerated fairly and not to sell Yoga information for money!

Tailor made Yoga practise Advantages:

- the client and the personal Yoga trainer identify some needs, aspirations, adequate techniques and some personal results to be achieved and obtained then, the client is permanently and carefully supported and checked, until he reaches those quantifiable goals- and moreover, the client is assisted in a non intrusive, sincere and discreet manner, and when he does not need any guidance, he will be able to practise on his own, or if he feels he needs a break, he can stop at any time.
- the personal yoga trainer can recommend a client the best techniques that assist him the most, when one most needs them or during their evolution; the client will notice this in their own personal practise, from one week to the next, through personalized yoga programmes. This way, the clients Nadis, chakras and even petals of chakras will be awoken (this occurs at advanced levels through Yoga of the Eternal Petals- a type of yoga very little known in Romania and worldwide, at this point in time). I shall explain and develop this type of yoga in the following year, together with our Freedom Yoga Community.
- one quickly realizes the way one needs to practise, when, how and how much, using what one has to obtain, what one desires or needs; the course is structured and adapted for one client, as a single student, not for a whole class- this way, ones time, money and energy are used only by the client and for the client.
- one can practise a personal level of yoga fully, compared to what one can do in that moment and for what is immediately needed; over time, this constant and punctual flow brings the client closer to what one really wants to become, to be, to feel, to live;
- the stages and the processes of the intimate, inner transformation or failures, blockages are known and kept confidential only between the client/student and the personal trainer, not between everybody, the way it happens in class, in general.  The client immediately receives the proper personalized guidance in order to solve the specific issues. Afterwards, the client is attentive at his evolution and at the resolution of these issues, according to their efforts, compared to their life and not to the class standards.
- one can gain and use the time equivalent for the trip to the yoga studio in town, through accessing on line sessions, at home, through Skype (or even on the phone- if the video link is not available or if someone is in the mountains, without internet connection, and they want to have a rejuvenating yoga session on top of the mountain).
- it is recommended for the client to: maintain a vibrant dialogue with other practitioners (more advanced than himself), to be able to ask questions and initiate discussions in a Yoga community, (open mind, sharing is caring and standard freedom Yoga), and practise yoga in a group as well, at least once per month and once per year to take part in a 3-7 day yoga retreat.
- and last but not least, the modest price matters (10 Lei for 30 minutes), compared to the market prices generally, and bearing in mind that the client receives 100% tailor made Yoga assistance, at almost the same price that some people pay for a group Yoga class.
- the Yoga sessions can be booked for a predetermined period of time by the client, and they can be stopped or suspended at any time the client desires.
- the flexibility of the programme when booking or rebooking the Yoga session (according to the clients availability, or when he feels that this session is mostly needed; e.g. early in the morning or in the afternoon, or during the week end).

Cons regarding Yoga practise in a group

- the pace of the personal practise is modulated (for the most part of the time spent at the gym), according to the lowest pace or at best according to the average level of the majority of students from that course.
- one receives and executes some Yoga techniques that even if they do not have negative impact on the student, they will mostly have partial and general effects; moreover a list of the trainer who teaches is following and not a list of the students abilities or/ and needs. At this point, one needs to be honest with himself and to realize why Yoga is appealing to the student: is it because one enjoys groups of people where one can meet other persons with the same ideologies or persons of the opposite sex? in this case it is ok for the student to practise a club Yoga, for  maintenance. Or one becomes aware when new levels in their own personal and spiritual development need to be achieved and then approaching a private, tailor made Yoga becomes necessary.
- one never knows who their neighbour is, or who the other students from the gym are, what their issues are, what motivations bring them there  issues that one can indirectly assimilate, or wrong behavioural patterns or limiting beliefs that can be assimilated for years.
- competition levels or envy, inferiority/superiority states appear, and they will prevent one from deepening their path towards them-Selves, they will consume ones thoughts, nerves, they can poison the beautiful states obtained from practising yoga; gradually one may end up practising a demonic Yoga, where the sole purpose of the practice is to impress, subdue, manipulate, etc. In this type of Yoga, the ego becomes more powerful and uses the awoken energies, converting them in future psychic imbalances or even in mental issues.
            As a conclusion, I want to emphasize once more that I do not draw any comparison with anyone, nor do I make any reference to a certain person at all, as there is enough place for everybody; this is only my point of view, and each individual is free to choose whatever they wish to do in this respect, and can test both paths. 
            Here are my contact details for whoever is interested in talking further about Yoga- even simple queries- I can be contacted via the phone or online. 
            I wish you all the best!

Trainer Yoga: Emanuel, Harmony Yoga Founder

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sâmbătă, 18 martie 2017

YOGA as the Science of Life, between the past and the future

YOGA as the Science of Life, between the past and the future

The past continues with the future through the harmony of the present moment. So, both: old and new Yoga - I refer here to both millenary yoga and contemporary yoga have been transforming over time and have been adapting to the trends of humanity in different centuries, especially during the last decades. In this new millennium, we can feel how useful and necessary is yoga for all those who practice it. Witnessing the blossoming and the world-wide booming of yoga practices, one can conclude that yoga as we know it has came up to a new level revelation for us as humanity. Not only Himalaya’s rhymes say it, but also a careful analysis of the evolution of today’s Yoga,  which for many of us, practitioners and yoga teachers, is obvious, intuitive and expected for some time now.
For yoga to be able to reveal its ancient secrets, depths, and teachings, it should reshape some current deviant tendencies and revert to basic principles of its beginnings and never give them.
At the same time, to move forward, once restored to its middle path and its own specific harmony, it could reveal those secrets that science has partially understood. It could open her arms with innumerable potential for the humanity who is now searching more intensely than ever for physical, mental, spiritual, and spiritual health. The last decades have shown yoga as a science of life, as an interdisciplinary sport, which is a true way of discovering the human nature. This happens in a context of progressively stripped religious boundaries. Every yogi can adopt the religion he or she thinks fit. A long time ago, anyone in the lotus position should was or became a Hindu. Today, yogis are of Orthodox or Catholic religion, etc. and yoga is not regarded as a religion anymore, but a sport and even as a science, a 'must have' for living healthy and harmoniously.
Through this return to itself, in a harmonious balance of relaxed, fluid, replete openness and freedom, Yoga is preparing now to move from amateur to bodhisattva, from an esoteric sect practice, to an international daily training, as an Olympic sport discipline and a 'must have' for a healthy and harmonious life in the new Millennium which will carry the imprint of Yoga more than ever.  Yoga will spill over its waves of benefits, even as I write these lines, day after day, growing from half a billion of practitioners, to one, two, three, even four billions this Millennium, an era under the auspices of superior harmony, refined and divine.
Same as all great religions and sciences, Yoga embraces all human races. This universality will facilitate yoga’s goal: revelation and creation of a life of health and harmony for all. Yoga principles can be found in all authentic religions. Above all, each and every person on this Earth: breathes - so they take in the prana in from the universe; sleeps - and their daily lives its own dose of samadhi in sleep and without which would drive them and try to understand and to control as well being and life to achieve a state of energy, happiness, harmony and even eternal youth – control - more or less conscious of the least 5 elements of nature and of those 7 energy centers that influence the day to day life.  Energy centers which are manifested in creation from top to bottom, like gates, vortexes of energy manifestation of Divine Self, which unites us and saves us all in this manifestation of reality in this physical dimension of the planet Earth - a planet very important in architecture, and its place in the body and during this entire and infinite universe.
Progressive deeper understanding of life, Universe, and humanity, makes clear that we are part of a gigantic universal entity trending, in eons, towards a harmony of creation that a Creator himself wants and will gradually set up. For the simple reason that in the Creator disharmony does not exist and there can be no dissonance. Thus his creation will align to the vibrations of the light of divine eternal harmony.  In other words, speaking in the language of Sri Aurobindo, consciousness of Materia will regain its value and will rebecome released consciousness. Or Love will recognize itself everywhere, in Christian language.  

The Concept of the New World is Freedom and It Includes the World of Yoga

The transition to the elevation of this world according to the universal principles of Yoga will be done, first of all, by returning to the principles of nature: to give without waiting for anything. Give for free! In the Yogi world, this will start as it was in its beginnings, by helping others. Each of us who practice Yoga now can also teach other friends or acquaintances to practice and understand Yoga's inner principles and realities - in an open, sincere and free way! We are nearly half a billion yoga practitioners, let's become 2, 3, 4 billion and then our world will be a world of peace, harmony and health. This is the new meaning of Yoga that I invite, all the yogis of the world, to embrace it all - Freedom Yoga! This will be the peace message from each of us for the whole world! If every month or even every year, we convince a friend, an acquaintance of the benefits of Yoga, then in two, three years, we half billion yogis, we will live on a planet with over 4 billion yogis, a planet of peace, harmony and eternal health.
Free Yoga from Money Yoga, through peer-to-peer, sharing, crowdsourcing and open-source! Thus, we will decipher, rewrite and propagate Yoga! And we will be able to enjoy together the release of yoga by Freedom yoga!
Yoga has never brought and never will bring war, famine, illness or hatred! Yoga is not a religion, but a science of health and life! Let's all give this message to the whole world: Freedom Yoga! Freedom Yoga Planet! Freedom Yoga Class! Freedom Yoga Sharing! Caring is sharing and caring is free and open source! Let's start together Linux Yoga Planet, Yoga Hugs World and Lifting WikiYogapedia: Freedom planet by Freedom Yoga! Freedom planet by Freedom Yoga! Freedom planet by Freedom Yoga!

                    Harmony Yoga - Yoga of the Harmony of the Present Moment

Harmony Yoga is a Yoga of evolution through harmony! To be able to take the next step, you have to must be in balance with yourself so that you can make the next step on the spiritual evolutionary scale. You also have to reach a point of balance and harmony within yourself.
            To evolve and advance in yoga practice, you also need to achieve a state of balance and harmony that reflects real in your chakras, in your attitude and purpose, in your state of health and freedom, and inner happiness, in your outfit and in your diet, in your thoughts and actions, and for your purposes in life.
            Starting from these general concepts, it is very important to correlate yoga with other practices of the cortical energy movement, because yoga practice only is not enough to restore and maintain physical health. Jogging and swimming should also be integrated at least once a week and fitness or bodybuilding exercises twice, three times a week, on a case-by-case basis. At the rhythm of life and quality of nutrition that humanity now has, all this must be practiced together, in a harmony that you have to find yourself gradually and harmoniously! It is time to no longer delude ourselves that yoga practice is enough - our bodies show us the opposite - that it is not enough to practice Yoga! we can get muscle tone and healthy vitality and after 50. Check it out, look around, document yourself and make your own decision. This is just a piece of advice from my own 25-year-old practice in which, although I focused mainly on yoga practices, I added whenever I could running, swimming and fitness/bodybuilding, all practiced as often as possible in nature. The purpose of all these internal and external searches and practices is none other than a harmonious, healthy and long life! So you can bring into your own Yoga a maximum energy flow of life, until you connect permanently to the energy of life!
            Moving on, the Harmony Yoga system centers on the recovery of a Chakra balance state - Flow Chakra. (Parallel with this it must be started, acquired and maintained a level of detoxification and purification of the organism at all levels). Hatha yoga through the asanas and the incipient techniques of pranayama - will help us begin to feel our physical body better, together with the five basic energies, let us start acting through mudra and bandhas on the three energetic granthis in our subtle bodies - and relive the energy of life through the energetic circuits of our subtle bodies not yet used. We will gradually begin to feel better some chakras, which are natively better activated and more open, just as we will realize some energy blockages either native or acquired. We will begin to feel and control our other subtle bodies: the bioenergetic body, the astral body, the supramental body, the beatific body, the causal body, etc. We will be able to begin practicing the retention techniques of full and vacuum breathing from a few minutes upwards. It will be a very important step in our yoga practice when we begin to feel the vayus, the subtle breaths and the tattles of the five elements. We can then begin to feel better the chakras and even the energetic petals of these chakras and the nadis, the subtle energy channels through which they communicate. Our practice of pranayama is only then that we will begin it, so do deep meditations and access to supramental.
            Only then, we will begin to be what the Creator himself intended, beyond what we created ourselves, using our limited ego resources.
            Harmony Yoga is a new approach to Yoga, both traditional and modern, which promotes the idea of ​​"sharing caring and caring is freedom and open source" Because Yoghis experience and understanding can be shared freely and free to those who are interested, all Yoga concepts can be rechecked and verified, and so direct parody can rewrite a new and beneficial Yoga, as Yoga has always been. At the origins - all of them practiced in an open, free, equal planetary spiritual community without unnecessary sectarian and religious remnants, but be like a bee hive amidst the nature of divine human and universal energies!
            That's why Harmony Yoga is based on the following principles:
1.     To be able to go further on the scale of your personal and spiritual evolution, you need to be in a state of balance and harmony with yourself and others, you need to realize what native talents you have, what attitudes and qualities you need to develop in yourself, what you want to do and become, what holds you back you and what helps you.
            Because every contemporary individual is a sum of what he/she is, of what he/she wants to become, of what life and community asks him/her to be and what he/she has the potential to accomplish in this life through his mission!
2.     To be able to achieve your own state and thus unique balance and harmony, you must receive a personalized yoga assistance according to what you are, good and evil, at the moment. Mass yoga does not have the same efficiency as personalized yoga, tailored for you. Everyone evolves at their own pace, at different times, with startups and deadlines and different issues. But you must focus and adapt your yoga to what you need, to what you want to become and to what you are.
            Because yoga can offer Personalized Circuits for both women and men, both for young people and the elderly, for beginners as well as for advanced learners. Until now, this individualized yoga has not been defined as such, and this new level is now being fulfilled by Harmony Yoga.
            The subtle energy circuit of each and every one of us is so different and personalized, though it has the components of the common basic energies, but the nuances, their specificities, personal advantages and blockages are so many that even if you can easily identify specific energy paths of age or of a nation or of generations of generations, yet they are so unique and different from person to person that everybody can only be helped on certain parts of his or her life to identify, to exercise personal yoga, and then deepen his own, his own way to his own perfection and harmony!
            An example of a Yoga Circuit for a beginner could follow the next energy path: in the beginning, talk to the man so that he/she can better feel the needs and aspirations and describe and set together what he/she currently needs - about 15 minutes. Then go to the general heating phase - adapted to his or her current abilities. Then, there will be some techniques to amplify and awaken the inner fire and fire of the heart. If the subtle situation present then demands it, it will be quenched to increase vitality whenever he becomes aware of it, and will continue with techniques of harmonizing chakras and subliming and transmuting energies to higher centers. It will end with relaxation and a common meditation. Finally, there will be a discussion about how he felt and how to draw the next Personalized Yoga Circuit.
            As far as the practice of a Harmony Yoga session is concerned, it is very important that we take into account the energy of everyone at the exact moment he is when the yoga meeting starts. Do not warm up or make nauli kriya until we burn all the vitality that we have. In meditation or relaxing at the end we fall asleep - as do so many yoga practitioners! From a yoga session you do not have to go out asleep or tired and it is not natural that after ten years you have to be in the same state. Instead, one should end the yoga session with all the energies awakened harmoniously to feel younger, lighter, more alive and harmonious! You need to understand your specific and unique lifestyle cycles and rhythms, not just from one day to the next but at least monthly and annual, so you can sit on an ascending scale of your personal, quantifiable and visible evolution. All of these you do not have time to observe and practice them in the crowd. Only individually one can make the real steps to freeing old, routine, capping and common entropic mentality. That's why Harmony Yoga classes are structured on work-shops, on retreats rather than years or yoga semesters. It is very important to learn yoga and then practice it to the level at which you feel the most fulfilled and happy! Yoga is neither dogma nor norm, it is not snoring or constraint! We must learn to step out of spiritual communism and mechanical tapas and reach the heights of yoga freedom - Freedom Yoga Planet! We must feel more and more alive, younger and more harmonious, more free, more balanced, loving, and more full of joy to live - this is Harmony Yoga.
            That is why the time of spiritual communism when everything is done in large groups like the flocks has passed - minor horizontal results prove this. Now we are witnessing the decline of the harsh spiritual capitalism of sects and material profits under the guise of counterfeit spirituality. The time has come to reconsider Yoga as a science of life revealed to mankind for thousands of years by the Divine. It has now begun to come to understanding that the life science at the individual level, one by one, as transmitted by the master to the disciple, to the level we played so much with this toy and we know of it already so many pieces of her puzzle that people are ready to begin to jump to its quantum consciousness! We live an understanding of Yoga that will spread exponentially in humanity, and we will begin to understand the hints of knowing life by putting us in the music of the spheres of the chakra petals in the symphony of the macrocosmic vibration of our own ecstatic Divinity...
            The map we are with all the bodies Our message, knowledge and purpose are one and the same, as the observer, to the object of knowledge and knowledge itself. We have begun to learn to decipher these energy-quantum nodes, these inner mysteries, and through peer-to-peer, sharing, crowdsourcing and open-source we will decipher and propagate Freedom Yoga. Here is the release of Yoga by Yoga Freedom! Only then what we think will be in perfect syntax with what we say and with what we are doing, with what we create, stemming from the harmony of what we already are. These are the desiderata of revelation ever since the beginnings and awakening of mankind now, the desires of the great masters, and timeless and eternal teachers of mankind, such as Jesus and Babaji!
            Harmony Yoga goes further and questions and checks through direct experience - all yoga maps and templates that are currently mostly copied and not verified by practice - and promote freedom of open experimentation. Willing to share freely and free of direct experience, to assume and to overcome the limitations, errors and misconceptions of Yoga mass. Because the ultimate goal of Harmony Yoga is that the aspirant can self-assess and self-develop alone, free, mature and harmonious. Everyone can learn at first through understanding, knowledge, and through human groups affiliated with passions, purposes or knowledge, but their own leaps are not done in group, but in the solitude of inner harmony, in the balance and peace of the moment of inner life, instantly communicating to the whole field the moral sense of human consciousness, even living in the midst of this humanity that begins to be ready to germinate the dawn of a millennium of bodisattvas and a universal Yogapedia.
            Just think frankly, what can we all become if, besides what we need in life, we take what we are and we expand towards what we can become: both native, but especially developed and deepened to the level of maximum inner harmony and we can reach as many levels of our being as we can? Then you will begin to feel and become one with the cosmic harmony, which will flow even more through you, for you and for the others! This level once reached, you only need intermediaries, so that the natural dialogue between the creature and the creator is open and stabilized.
            Harmony Yoga has structured its personalized approach strategy as follows:
 1. the interested person must answer honestly a set of questions so that a first profile of his chakras can be derived from them and especially the structure of a personalized visiogram - in which his goals must be helped with yoga techniques and other techniques Personal development, personalized visualization, etc.
 2. When this step is taken, it is advisable to know the sets and circuits of Yoga techniques, meditation, pranayama to help most and which under direct guidance it can be practiced. Then, get those personal, beneficial results he needs - and alone.
            Harmony Yoga has as a way of teaching and reaching these goals above, at the following levels:
1. through on-line or direct meetings, 1 to 1, 1 month, 1 week 90 min weekly, through 3-day work-shops and 7-day modules or yoga retreats between 3 and 7 days.
2. After this level of inner harmony - at various levels of being - is reached, one can move to the awakening of deeper human potentials, by continuing new personalized yoga circuits and focusing on the subtle anatomy of energy centers, chakras and petals Them.

            Harmony Yoga - Approach and Content, Feedback and Reassessment

            Harmony Yoga can be practiced in stages, initially under guidance, then alone and in group at certain intervals of individual "baking". Techniques taught are structured so as not to pose any danger to learners, and they can then structure and further develop the parts of yoga that help them most in their harmonious development as individuals in contemporary society. Harmony Yoga will be able to teach in groups of 2, 3 people, but everyone will be trained through a customized circuit. It is natural for the beginning - the warming - and the end - the final relaxation - of such Harmony Yoga sessions to take place, but then everyone will be able to deepen, under an active, empathic and dialogue-intensive guidance, gradually, their own Yoga specific beneficial circuits. Harmony Yoga will be able to teach you monthly or bimonthly, free of charge, to all interested in seeing what it is and what benefits you can get - even if you will then learn a more general program. Those who want to participate will need to pre-program and have a minimum discussion with the yoga, telephone, or skype trainer - who will be able to decide if that person meets mandatory minimum requirements for a good Yoga session - if Is really interested in yoga, at what level he or she is in yoga practice, if he has no mental illness and does not bother interfere later and if he is at least 18 years old. Prenatal yoga classes and yoga kids’ classes are separated and have another structure.
            Everything that is taught in Harmony Yoga comes from direct practice, from the shared experience of those who have practiced Yoga, 25 years or more, and from internationally recognized books - Yoga is already known as a science of life. Harmony Yoga wants to promote free yoga and clearly cite the authors and the various yoga pathways known so far. At the same time to reconsider by direct practice all the yoga statements to find new revelations hidden in the body map and our lives. Because as we know the development of Yoga today, we can see that it has many unnecessary and sectarian religious waste or acrobatic deviations. Harmony Yoga must get rid of all these deviations through a middle way of harmony and balance of personal development without the unnecessary and sterile promises of spiritual liberation, in exchange for only illusions being sold for many monies.
            Harmony Yoga believes that all yoga teachings must be free and only the time and effort of the yoga teacher must be paid hour, but in no case with the exorbitant and unjustified amounts that have been reached today. In addition, everybody can understand and practice as much as he can and understand at the time and choose a workshop or another. Yoga sources must be cited and copyrights respected - that is, Yama and Niyama are respected at all levels of our lives. We have to go where we can say that from all these twenty-one books I can choose this and that because my direct practice proved to me that they are good for me and more than that, I can talk to them Free and other practitioners, and even to complete them together and to share our experience for free and to other interested people in an open, free and innovative community of yoga. You have to honestly acknowledge the level at which you are, to feel what gives you happiness and freedom, to assume the mistakes you can make, to reach your horizons and your own heavens and at the same time to help others through your experience! This is the natural and harmonious walk of life itself.
            I am convinced that this new ethical and spiritual stream of Freedom Yoga and Free Yoga Class will be successful because it's something we all need: - Every yoga teacher can teach a month or a week a free general yoga hour for all those interested, because many of those who are still not practicing yoga do not know their benefits It is a step forward towards Freedom Yoga Planet in the world of yoga churches and associations that are increasingly pursuing their financial interests, forgetting the Yoga goal of salvation for the whole of humanity. All of them will pay all this in a future world that is already eminently and irreversibly, the reality of the need for "freedom is open source and caring is sharing."
            I invite everyone to a simple imagination exercise: take any yoga school in this world and think how well it can work if it does not adapt its own evolution, the principles of money, the act of selling spirituality for money? And then think how fluid that system would be if it decentralized its pyramidal power to a bee honeycomb operation? Only the interests of efficiency, sharing and love will stand! In the online environment, there is an increasingly determined position against what has been achieved today with the commerce of yoga diplomas, which only give a diploma and general information without forming yoga teachers capable of learning Yoga on other! How long do you think this disturbing circle will continue, in front of true Yoga?
            Harmony Yoga does not have gurus and other elements of Hindu religion, and Harmony Yoga trainers will teach it as a science of life, as a sport of health, respecting the laws, the rules of common sense and the rules of our association. Together with he rules of moral and moral ethics of this Harmony Yoga discipline. We must understand once and for all as humanity - this lesson we have been repeating for centuries, both in politics and in spirituality: we no longer have to follow a man or a doctrine, but only universally valid principles that once Applied in our lives, make us become better, freer and more harmonious! We will promote universal principles, the awakening of the energies of the being through direct practice, and not the cult of the personality, but the attainment of the indefinite state of freedom.
            Everyone who wants to practice yoga needs to understand and help exactly where he is at that time - with his genetic, educational background, his mentalities and projections, his expectations and goals, his limitations and fears, his health and detoxification, with everything that is good and overtakes everything that is bad in him - because Harmony Yoga's practice can help him harmonize more with the universe, with the other peers and with himself. But it is essential to know as many of the person's unknowns as to apply and personalize their yoga practice - that the results appear as fast and last as possible - because if that person is helped to understand better from the outside with a benevolent and non-invasive witness, you he will later know how to apply this introspection better, and then use his discernment better to evolve himself, without needing help, at least some evolutionary levels or forever.
            It will not be enough to cultivate only our physical body, because we will be like circus athletes, without at the same time taking mental and supramental energies, causal energies and those of the Divine Self in us, by Emotional energies, erotic energies, and the energies of Love, Beauty and Universal Truth.
            Through Harmony Yoga, the mental and affective limits can be permanently extended, and we know that we will always have something new to learn from life, from other people and from God. This lively, unique, personalized, full of discernment and common sense dialogue, full of aspiration and inner knowledge without unnecessary intermediaries, will have to be developed by each of us, because we are unique, each one has a personalized meaning in this life and we are so different in this great unity of humanity and of these times that we all now live, when each of us speaks to God on the tongue of his heart and mind.
Here it is important to conclude that the Harmony Yoga practice will have the best and fastest results if it is customized and tailored to the needs, aptitudes and specifics of everyone. And in this sense, I consider Harmony Yoga to move to a new stage, superior to everything that is being practiced now, when regular and routine yoga classes teach basic and mass techniques specific to large masses of people - yoga class masses, in which, although they give you clear benefits, they are better than nothing. Nevertheless, over ten years you will not be able to acquire and reach your own specific potential, compared to personalized, one at a time and only from when in yoga classes to share! We must become aware that this state of affairs serves and is maintained for the most part for financial reasons and not for the spiritual reasons of a deep and real yoga practice. Everyone is free to make his own choices! I have lost more than ten years through these joint yoga classes that emphasize what is easy, easy and most accessible to everyone! My luck was that I used several international yoga sources and did not interrupt my own daily practice and individual research, I was an autodidact, and I questioned the dogmas and under the exclamation of direct practice exclamation!
That is why I believe is essential to understand that the being that we will help to practice in Yoga those techniques that he or she immediately needs - because that is the yoga and the universality of yoga - is useful on all levels of human beings and any human being. And even if personalized yoga is attained, its results will unite in time with the great universal yoga. A man is the sum of what he is, of what he has, of what he needs, of what he has as potential and as a purpose or otherwise of what he knows, wants, can do!
            It is natural to start with free and direct discussions, with sets of questions and questioning, and then start practicing with these three directions of Yoga: Yoga Visualization, Yoga Harmony and Yoga Traditionally.
            In this sense, Harmony Yoga encompasses and uses parts and techniques of all other forms of Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Agni Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Atma Yoga, Flow Chakra Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vinayasa Yoga, Yantra Yoga, Laya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Raja Yoga, Swara Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Zen Yoga, Yoga Partner and Acro Yoga.
            Another new and specific element of "open and fair source and real feedback" of Harmony Yoga is the introduction of several methods of quantification, direct and indirect and real-time spiritual progress directly reflected in the harmonization of each practitioner's chakras - the state of the chakras and after each yoga session, for those who want it, besides the yoga trainer's expertise - and with a dedicated device that can deliver an analysis and map of the practitioner's chakras! In this way you can have a more complete picture and a real feed-back of what Harmony Yoga teaches.
            At the same time, Harmony Yoga aims to re-evaluate and recheck many current yoga shots and stereotypes and go through direct practice to the essence of our lives and the energies that are directly accessible and verifiable to us. It is important to draw attention to the fact that most of the yogi world applies many patterns, as it has been said so far, so it is written in books, etc. And very few yogis know and understand from their own practice how they are positioned and how their chakras and petals work, where their projection points are in the physical, bioenergetic and astral body, and the links and nadis between them and how they can access them and by what specific techniques, etc. The subtle energy maps at this time are as vague as the geographic maps before C. Columbus.
            A new course will be structured from the perspective of Harmony Yoga and the challenges of the new asanas that appear - reappear in the Yogas’ world and are only superficially captured in Acro Yoga or Stretching Yoga, for example. These new asanas have a great potential in simultaneously activating multiple chakras and the flow of subtle energies.
            Harmony Yoga focuses primarily on yoga practice seen as a science of life without other religious concepts and doctrines. It is enough for this yoga practice, to achieve the above desiderata, religious belief must remain a personal choice and should not be influenced by yoga practice. It has been seen so far to a degree and it can reach levels of sectarian consciousness and Other unnecessary deviations. It is all right to be an orthodox Christian and practice yoga as a health sport.
            All these concepts and ideas I have proposed to develop and explain in detail through my courses, through the book I am writing now: 'Harmony Yoga - The Renaissance of Yoga' 'and through the documentary about:' 'The New Yoga Roots - Babaji Guided '', both in progress this year, 2017.
            Since spring of this year, we have begun to train other Yoga Trainers - internationally accredited as Certified Yoga Instructor and trained through Yoga Harmony courses and internships to teach Yoga in several cities and towns across the country. This way of teaching Yoga can become for many a lifestyle and a safe source of income. Depending on the time spent, a Harmony Yoga Trainer can reach a minimum of 3 months of training at an optimal level to teach and earn monthly between 200 and 500 euros. These three months are not enough and they have to continue to improve, but they can start by teaching beginner yoga students. In the US and the West, this new lifestyle and self-maintenance are successfully practiced. We will return with a detailed plan, and those interested can contact us for more information.

Yoga of Visualizations

            Yoga Visualization has deep roots in Tibetan yoga, but the peaks of its contemporary branches are visible through the unprecedented strides of the philosophy of life promoted by The Secret. An individual as an ego needs to establish and visualize and thereby to attract, act, and become one with the principles and realities of the universal man. Here I understand the major importance of a Personalized Individualized View (VIP) - I have described it more extensively in my book: ''Personalized Individual Viewing (VIP) and Power of Beneficial Creating'' -

            From here, we developed Personalized Yoga Visualization - VYP - a key process in the advanced practice of Harmony Yoga. Yoga Visualization will help the new yoga practitioner begin to understand the real yoga benefits of his life, identify his goals and bottlenecks in yoga, to attract through creative visualization into his life the universally valid principles, actions and energies that give him more Great freedom, harmony, beauty and inner and outer understanding. What you do not understand can not represent you, and what you do not propose based on your own internal aspirations, you will not be able to achieve as personal or spiritual development. Your personal development will be done by taking what you like from yoga, what you need and what you choose to become to develop your evolving, creative and spiritual potential. And then you will be able to understand and live your purpose in life and gradually fulfill your spiritual mission. We can all understand and realize that each of us could have learned more than ever before, could have done more good things in his life. Because each of us can do much more than what we have so far from our lives, because the human potential is great, and each one of us is doing it to a greater or lesser extent in it Life - according to what we know, our efforts and karma, the techniques we apply, etc. In this sense, it is said that in the first phase of the yoga practitioner, karma prevails over dharma, but then dharma and its being awakened by yoga will prevail and burn its own karma on its way to becoming an indwelling being.
            That's why it is advisable never to trust yoga schools, ashrams, communities, or false gurus who are proposing to annihilate your own personality before you know it, to fulfill it and to Harmonize, before you accomplish your own development and personal bloom and then at that level, if you choose freely, you can move on to living the levels of individual melting in the last reality. This level can be touched by those who live daily with a true guru. But given the physical impossibility of having such a physical guru, God has given us His direct guidance and daily dialogue with Him - through others through synchronicity and direct dialogue, through our inner guru, through the voice of heart and intuition. Dialogue, communication and communion that binds us directly to the Divine and guides us both through life and death through the chain of evolutionary reincarnations. Do not forget that an outside guru, a yoga teacher, a yoga instructor or coach can only help us on certain segments and distances in our lives. As one can see at a large scale many yoga schools, ashrams, yoga communities have clear specific features with good and less good parts that can be freely chosen by each of us.
            But each of us has to make every step of his life, with or without help, to the end. In addition, this fashion that has gone through the West to rely only on an outside guru, on an outside priest, on an external intermediary between us and the divine, has now become obsolete and compromised by so many failures, and humanity is now doing The step in his consciousness, to go beyond intermediaries, directly to the source from which he is created.
            The majority of people can now at least reach the potential of their development as a human personality, to become a relay of love, harmony, knowledge, health, divine for them and to help others! And here Harmony Yoga can help! Once this level of awakening of the inner guru is begun, once this Christ's level of love and life is reached, then God will continue to speak more directly to us and guide our lives to the macrocosmic boundaries of humanity. We have to see that mankind is just beginning to get to know, to gain insight and to awaken its macrocosmic potential but still does not know what it is and what can be entirely like creation, it still does not love the Creator's Love, but only with the love of the explorer towards creation and therefore he has not yet remembered how to submit the elements of creation through love and paradoxically repeat infinitely like the old mistakes...
            But the process of knowing the spiritual awakening has begun and can only be stopped and the heaven we came from will be us again accessible to all the children of God!

Trainer Yoga Emanuel
Harmony Yoga Founder